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Exterior Painting Contractor in Argyle, TX

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Professional Exterior House Painting in Argyle, TX

A fresh coat of paint can drastically transform any home. If your exterior needs new life, our team of dedicated painters can help. Biltmore Roofing is the premier choice for exterior painting in Argyle, TX.

We specialize in brick, siding, wood, and stucco exterior house painting. No matter what structure your home has, we are the exterior house painters you can trust for the job. We promise to deliver quality painting services at an affordable cost.

Benefits of Exterior Painting Services

Freshly painted houses see a significant boost in overall curb appeal. Choosing the right colors will give any home a bright, new look that catches the eye of everyone in the neighborhood.

Investing in home painting is a smart way to increase the value of your house as well. Not only will potential buyers enjoy the clean, presentable aesthetic, but a fresh coat of paint also helps protect the structure from harsh weather elements.

If you are ready to reap these rewards and need an exterior painter in Argyle, give our staff a call.

Stages of an Exterior Painting Project

Exterior painting is more than simply selecting paint colors and brushing them on. Several factors go into a successful exterior paint job. Our expert painters follow these steps to ensure your house looks its best.

1. Pressure Wash

It’s difficult to paint any house exterior if there is a large build-up of dirt. At Biltmore Roofing, we always begin by pressure washing exterior surfaces to get them clean.

2. Scrape Loose Paint

Along with dirt, we need to remove any old, peeling paint from your exterior. Our painters will scrape off loose pieces to create a better painting result.

3. Replace Necessary Features

If your exterior trim or siding has any visible damage, such as rotted wood, we will issue the necessary repairs before painting.

4. Sand and Caulk

Sanding surfaces is a key part of exterior house painting services. It gets the house ready to take on a smooth, fresh coat of paint that is long-lasting. At this stage, we will also seal off any gaps with caulk so the paint doesn’t seep into any holes or cracks.

5. Apply Primer

The final step before having your home painted is to apply a primer. Painting without a primer can leave you with a less-than-ideal surface. We ensure a smooth painting job by taking the time to coat the exterior with a high-quality primer.

6. Begin Painting

After we prepare all surfaces, it’s finally time for exterior painting. Our painting team applies the color with spray and brush techniques, giving your home’s exterior a new look.

Let our painters transform your home. Call today to book an exterior paint coating service in Argyle.

What to Expect from Our Exterior Painters

Our painting team comes highly recommended throughout Argyle for our workmanship and outstanding service. We have years of experience painting and use the highest-quality paints on the market for extra-strength protection of your exterior.

It’s important for a painting contractor to focus on small details on every job. When we apply a fresh coat, our painters pay close attention to every square foot and never miss a spot.

In addition to our home painting expertise, our team puts an emphasis on customer satisfaction. This includes keeping a line of constant communication open so we can answer all your questions and concerns. We never consider any painting project complete until you are happy with the result.

These are some of the many factors we are Argyle’s trusted exterior house painting experts.

Choose Biltmore Roofing for Exterior Painting Services in Argyle, TX

Look no further for a professional, affordable contractor offering exterior painting in Argyle. Trust the experts who can strengthen your curb appeal with high-quality exterior house painting services. Let Biltmore Roofing handle your next house painting project. Contact us at 817-343-1333 to schedule an appointment.