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Residential Roofing Contractor in Dallas, TX

Are you looking for a residential roofer in Dallas to install, replace, or repair your home’s roof? Biltmore Roofing is the premium choice. Fill out the form below to book an appointment.

Dallas’ Trusted Residential Roofing Company

Biltmore Roofing is the premier choice for residential roofing in Dallas, Texas. We are a full-service DFW area roofing contractor that offers installation, repairs, replacement, and maintenance for roofs of all types.

We also offer a wide range of exterior services, such as:

Reach out to our roofing company, a leading choice for homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area, for top-quality solutions and great service.

Your Full-Service Company for Residential Roofing in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

At Biltmore Roofing, we are proud to be one of the few roofing companies in the Dallas area that offers a full range of roofing services, including new installation, repairs, maintenance, and more.

Do you need a new roof in the Dallas area? Did your roof suffer hail damage? Whatever roofing issues you may have, you can be certain that we’ll do quality work every time.

Most importantly, we can put our quality workmanship on display over a diverse range of roofing options in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding communities.

Types of Dallas, TX, Storm Damages


Shingles are a preferred choice for people considering residential roof installation in Dallas-Fort Worth. The material is lightweight, so it can fit properties of all sizes and shapes. These roofing materials also come in different textures and styles, making it easier for homeowners to find the perfect match. It’s worth considering since the shingles’ underlayment can improve your home's energy efficiency. We also install and repair all kinds of shingle roofs, including the popular asphalt shingles and composite shingle systems.


Any Dallas roofing contractor will tell you that metal roofs are undoubtedly one of the most durable roofing options. These systems have a fantastic lifespan that can top five to six decades. Plus, an insurance company will be more likely to pass along favorable rates on a metal roofing system. The fire-retardant nature of metal also makes it a great roof option for properties in northern Texas, including Dallas and Fort Worth. Metal is also a highly durable option when other materials like tile are too heavy for your home’s existing infrastructure. Call our experts in residential metal roofing in Dallas, TX, if you’re in the market for a metal roof system that’s a perfect fit for your home.


As the roofing industry continues to evolve, flat roofs are no longer reserved for just commercial properties. Now, countless homeowners in the Dallas and Fort Worth communities embrace flat roofing systems because of the numerous benefits they offer. For instance, flat roofs are cost-effective, so you will save more on a new build by choosing a flat roof over a pitched one. The flatter roof area also provides extra space, a great advantage if your property lacks a backyard patio or deck. The installation process is straightforward. Do you need a flat roof system like TPO or EPDM? Ask us more about your options in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Do you want a more traditional aesthetic for your home’s exterior? Concrete and clay tile roofs are a fantastic choice. They are eco-friendly and durable while instantly elevating curb appeal. Our roofing specialists can handle any tile roofing problems you have. Why not take advantage of our quality roofing services in North Texas today?

Our Roof Replacement and Installation Process

Here at Biltmore Roofing, our customers enjoy top-quality service delivery on every installation. Below is our tried-and-tested process for roof replacement projects and installations:

Consultation and Roof Inspection by Experienced Roofing Contractors

The first step of the entire process is a consultation to understand your roofing needs, roofing materials preference, and budget. We’ll also complete a thorough inspection of the roof deck to see whether you could delay a replacement for a roof repair or a revamp of specific sections. We’ll only proceed with a full roof replacement when roof repair is no longer viable.

Site Preparation and Roof Removal

The next phase of the roofing project is to prepare the work site. Our team will tear off the old roof and prepare the structure for the ensuing replacement project.

New Roofing Installation

We’ll install new roofing consisting of high-quality roofing materials that fit your roofing needs.

Final Inspection

As roofing contractors committed to high-quality customer service, we’ll show you the new roof to ensure you’re satisfied before we end the project. We’ll also discuss the final details with you, including roof maintenance and warranties.

Choose the Top Residential Roofing Contractor Near You

Are you looking for a dependable company for your home’s exterior services or residential roofing in Dallas, TX? Call Biltmore Roofing at 817-343-1333 today to schedule a consultation and claim your free quote.