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Exterior Painting Contractor in Dallas, TX

Exterior painting can instantly transform your property. Call our team to see what it can do for your property!

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The Best Dallas Paints and Professionals

Maintaining your home’s exterior keeps your property beautiful year-round. However, it’s not uncommon for exterior walls, siding, and trim to start looking drab and dilapidated over time.

Hiring a qualified house painter in Dallas can restore your exterior’s aesthetic. These jobs require more intensive and difficult processes than interior painting services or cabinet painting. While interior paint may only require a bucket and brush, professional painters execute a complex, multi-step process during exterior painting services.

Get five-star painting in North Texas from professional house painters with Biltmore Roofing. As the top-rated exterior painter in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, our experts can handle painting projects of any scale or difficulty. Call our painting contractors for exterior house-painting services today.

Top-Rated Painters in Dallas, TX

Texas’s dry, arid climate challenges any house exterior. Hiring professionals for an exterior paint job avoids significant aesthetic degradation from the desert sun.

At Biltmore Roofing, we provide the best exterior paint coating service in Dallas. A residential painting job can revitalize your home and impress visitors.

Good Times to Repaint Your Home Exterior

Knowing when to get a new paint job can help you avoid a dilapidated residential exterior. Some of the most popular times to call a full-service painting company include:

Call our expert painters in Dallas, Texas, to service your property today.

Considerations for Color Choice and Style

Before ordering your fresh coat of paint, consider every element of your home. Deciding what paint colors to choose is not just a matter of preference. It’s a holistic decision that determines the appeal of your exterior surfaces.


Many homes feature lush landscaping that augments the look and style of their properties. However, the greenery features in your front and backyards will interact with the new color of your home. Just like you wouldn’t paint your entire interior without considering furniture, consider how your trees, grass, and flowers might impact different color choices.

Home Style and Architecture

Your house’s style and architecture influence the right paint style and color. For example, a Tudor home with a traditional exterior trim will complement certain shades while making others look unsightly.

Consider your home’s style, exterior siding, and other architectural elements before hiring exterior painters. Experts providing painting services can help contextualize how the architecture of your home might impact certain paint jobs.

Colors of Other Features

Landscaping and architecture aren’t the only considerations before starting exterior painting. Driveways, mulch, fences, walkways, patios, and pool decks all influence your home’s aesthetic. Consider these features before landing on a paint color.

Hire the Best House Painters in Dallas From Biltmore Roofing

Stop searching for the best exterior house painting services in Dallas, TX, and call Dallas’ trusted exterior house painting service today. Our exterior house painters offer five-star painting services and won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied with the results. Start your painting project with our Dallas painters today. For more information about our exterior painting service in Dallas, TX, call 817-343-1333 and request a service consultation with our Biltmore Roofing team.