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Residential Roofing Contractor in Denton, TX

Roofing structures connect the most complex components of your home. Siding, fascia, gutters, attics, ceilings, and walls all depend on roofing for protection and support. Your roof also provides space for crucial systems like HVAC, electrical, and insulation.

Because of its many functions, maintaining roofing in Denton, TX, keeps your property in optimal condition. Only hire a full-service roofing contractor who understands the intricacies of roofing structures and other connected features of your property.

Biltmore Roofing can assist you throughout the entire process of your installation, repair, or maintenance work. Our high-quality service and expert technicians can tackle any roofing project. Contact our team to get an amazing job completed by qualified experts.


Expert Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

Roofing contractors who understand how to serve both residential and commercial roofing have the widest range of skills to achieve success. 

A contractor with the know-how to service any roof can fix every issue discovered during inspections. Hire a professional roofer in Denton for the best work.

High-Quality Residential Roofing Services

Our business takes pride in giving all Denton homeowners the beautiful roof they deserve. After making initial contact with our team, a project manager will contact you to schedule your consultation. With the ability to serve all residential locations near Denton, TX, Biltmore Roofing has you covered.

New Roof Installation

Construction provides the perfect opportunity to install a new roof on your home. Since new roofs require professional expertise, only hire a roofing company specializing in these jobs. Unqualified or inexperienced contractors could cause accidental damage to your property.

Experts from Biltmore Roofing install roofs in Denton, TX. Hire our roofing company to integrate one of your home’s most crucial features.

Roof Repair

Natural wear and tear, acts of God, and other accidents can all cause damage to your existing roof. Hiring professional contractors to perform the necessary repairs ensures that water and structural damage doesn’t occur to your property.

Biltmore Roofing offers Denton’s trusted roof repair service. Experts from our business train to address every kind of issue for different popular materials. Call our company for repairs today.

Roof Replacement

Certain levels of damage can surpass the capabilities of even the most seasoned roofing repairs and maintenance professionals. Thus, a qualified roofing company may need to perform a replacement to secure your home.

Replacing roofs requires experience with installation and an understanding of different roofing styles. A roofing company that doesn’t understand the differences between residential and commercial roofing, materials, and home structures might botch the job. Call Biltmore Roofing to restore your property’s roof today.

Tear Off Services

If you need to replace your current roof, you might need a professional to remove your current roofing material. Experts from Biltmore Roofing can tear off current roofing to make way for a new type or style. Call our roofing company to schedule this service today.

Insurance Inspections

Extreme weather that causes water or hail damage might prompt you to file an insurance claim. While some companies offer a free inspection, our low-cost service goes beyond the provisions of these inspections.

Biltmore Roofing professionals work hard to identify every problem that might qualify you for assistance from insurance. Call our roofing company to inspect your residential or commercial roofing today.

Roofing Types Our Roofing Company Services

Every roof has different needs. However, not every roofing company can serve any roof type. Experts from Biltmore Roofing service the most popular residential and commercial roof types.


Shingles probably cover many of the homes and businesses in your area. Most popularly manufactured by GAF roof, shingles offer low-cost, low-maintenance, and highly durable material. Furthermore, with many different shapes and styles available, their high level of aesthetic variation make them especially attractive to homeowners.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing in Denton, TX, offers the most energy-efficient and durable option of any other roof type. Manufacturers create metal sheets in nearly every color and style, giving this material an optimal effect on your home's look. This material can also last for over 70 years with proper maintenance.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofs roll out in sheets to cover properties. From contemporary homes to business storage spaces, this material offers durability and easy installation attractive to many buyers.


Tiles are a gorgeous material that offers a natural aesthetic for any property. Because of their weight, professional roofers may need to install additional support structures within your roof.

Hire Top-Rated Roofing Contractors From Biltmore Roofing

Hire Denton’s trusted roofing company to receive top-rated workmanship, timely services, and excellent customer service. Biltmore Roofing professionals remain highly recommended by homeowners in the area for years of quality services. Choose only the best roofing company to handle all your roofing needs. For more information about services for roofing in Denton, TX, call 817-343-1333 and request free estimates from Biltmore Roofing.