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Get High-Quality Home Windows in Argyle

A window is a crucial gateway for your home. If you have broken or faulty windows, let Biltmore Roofing inspect for damage. We specialize in window repair and installation to promote energy efficiency and improve the overall aesthetic of your home.

Our professional team can upgrade your windows to give your home a brighter, cleaner look in no team. We have the knowledge and equipment to replace windows with ease. Discover why we are the leading contractor for windows in Argyle.

Window Repair in Argyle

Our window repair experts can mitigate the damage of broken windows. We will inspect the area around your window and give a run-down of repair options.

Common problems we see are rotting on window panes and frames, chipping paint, and broken window screens. If any of these issues affect the windows in your home, give Biltmore Roofing a call, and we will perform fast, reliable repairs.

Addressing these problems before they escalate can keep your windows in sold condition for the long term. Let our window specialists take care of repairs so you don’t have to worry.

Window Installation: Style Options

The following are popular options we carry for window installation in Argyle. Each style presents a different aesthetic and function for the area of the house it’s in. Our friendly staff can describe the main characteristics and advantages of these window styles.In addition to these defined styles, we can also fit your home with custom windows in any shape and size. Biltmore Roofing is your ideal source for sophisticated new windows in Argyle, TX.

In addition to these defined styles, we can also fit your home with custom windows in any shape and size. Biltmore Roofing is your ideal source for sophisticated new windows in Argyle, TX.

Single Hung Windows vs. Double Pane Windows

In most homes, window replacements typically involve these two main styles. A single-hung window has one individual sash, whereas the double pane style (also known as double-hung windows) has two. While the design of these windows is similar, they offer different advantages and drawbacks.

Single-hung windows tend to be more widespread, particularly in older homes, because they have been around longer. They are generally the less expensive option and are easy to install. However, they are harder to clean and maintain.

Double-hung windows are a more modern yet classic option that is both highly durable and energy efficient. Homeowners with this window style can clean them easily thanks to sashes that tilt out. They can also promote better ventilation.

Installing Replacement Windows in Argyle

Once you have a style of window, you then need to narrow down your selection according to the material of the entire window frame. These options include:

Vinyl and aluminum windows

Fiberglass windows

Standard vinyl windows

Wood windows

Replacing windows requires a high level of skill and care. We take precise measurements for your replacement window according to the dimensions of the existing window frame. We then issue a full frame replacement according to the material you select.

Finally, it’s time to install the new window. Our experts will seal off the space so there are no gaps. This eliminates the possibility of having a draft and increases the overall energy efficiency of your home.


How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

There is no universal price when it comes to window replacement costs. Window prices largely depend on the size and style you select. The average cost of replacing an individual window will be much different than doing a full window replacement for your entire house.

No matter which option you select, we are one of the most affordable window contractors in Argyle. We aim to keep our replacement windows’ cost low.

Choose Biltmore Roofing for Your Window Replacement Project

For stunning home windows in Argyle, don’t waste unnecessary time and money working with other window companies. Biltmore Roofing can equip your home with sturdy, energy-efficient windows that are sure to please. Give us a call at 817-343-1333 to receive an estimate.