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Residential Door Contractor in Dallas, TX

Your doors do more than provide privacy for each room. Every exterior and interior door offers functional and aesthetic benefits that affect the feel of your home. Whether you have French doors leading to a home office or a beautiful entry door for bedrooms, doors impact every space in your home.

Biltmore Roofing is Dallas’s trusted door company, offering services to increase the look, functionality, and energy efficiency of your doors. If you require door installation, repairs, or maintenance work, turn to a professional handyman from our company for the job. Contact us today to request a free estimate for your door job.

Residential Roofing Services

Are there visible water stains across your ceilings? Is the roof over your home approaching its expiry date? We are Dallas’ trusted roofer for all residential roofing solutions, including roof replacement, roofing repairs, maintenance, and more.

What are our most popular residential roofing solutions? We work on all roof systems, including the following:

Door Installation and Repair

During construction, each room will need a new door. Furthermore, no home is complete without a front door. Call our experts for top-rated new door installation in Dallas, TX.

Various problems can damage your doors. Whether hinges, a lock, or the door structure fall into disrepair, get your doors fixed with qualified technicians.

Biltmore Roofing professionals offer high-quality residential and commercial door repair in Dallas. When you need door repairs for entry doors, a back door, or a storm door, our experts are the best for the job.

Door Maintenance

Doors require occasional maintenance to remain functional. During maintenance, experts repair frame, lock, or hinge issues on interior doors to avoid worse problems.

Experts can also add weather stripping. Weather stripping increases energy efficiency and reduces cooling costs by blocking outdoor air from reaching your property. Schedule routine maintenance from Biltmore Roofing professionals.

Door Replacement

Some damage might require you to replace doors around your property. Because replacement jobs reflect the challenges of door installation, only get doors replaced by professionals who understand this work.

Biltmore Roofing experts have extensive experience with door installation. We can come at a moment’s notice to replace any door on your property.

Signs You Need Door Repair Services

Knowing when to call professionals for door repairs helps avoid unsightly and potentially dangerous situations for your home or business. For example, a broken front door could allow easy access to your property.

These signs of developing problems should prompt you to hire entry door repair services. Avoiding or delaying repairs could cause a decrease in property safety.

The main signs that you require door repair include the following:

Our Complete Range of Roofing and Exterior Services

Types of Doors We Install and Service

Property owners can choose from many different door types, each offering different material and cost options. Exterior, interior, and entry doors all come in many sizes and materials to accommodate the look, functional, and door repair needs of properties.

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors provide the gateway from the outdoors into your property. Available in many materials like wood, iron, and glass, every exterior door impacts the look of your property. Professionals can also add safety plates to increase durability.

Call experts from Biltmore Roofing for exterior door installation.

Interior Doors

Your interior doors create privacy in your home. The available styles have different frame and repair needs. Call our experts to install and repair your interior doors.

Patio Door

An open-air patio on your property adds a stunning entertainment space. Framing this space with an appropriate door entices visitors to this outdoor space. Get your patio doors repaired at a low cost by Biltmore Roofing professionals.

Storm Door

Storm doors provide essential shelter from extreme weather events. However, these heavy-duty entryways require expert door repair to avoid compromising their safety. Call Biltmore Roofing to fix your storm door at an affordable cost.

Hire a Professional Handyman From Biltmore Roofing

Stop searching for the best home repair and maintenance company and call Dallas’s trusted doors experts with Biltmore Roofing. Homeowners in the area benefit from our cost-effective and efficient services that leave no details to chance. Our professionals have the skills to complete any installation, repair, or replacement project. For more information about Dallas’s trusted door company, call 817-343-1333 and request a free estimate from Biltmore Roofing.